Wolves a’ Howlin’

We recorded our debut album earlier this year and we’re so pleased to finally be able to share it with you! The album comprises 14 tracks (11 traditional and 3 original) all expertly recorded straight to tape by Josh Clark at Get Real Audio.

The first review came in last week and it seems we all did a good job!

You can order your physical copy here, or download the album from bandcamp.

1. Best Timber
2. Booth
3. Polly Put the Kettle On
4. I Thought You Were a Goat #3
5. Biddy
6. Rockingham Cindy
7. I Wash Myself With a Rag On a Stick
8. New Carpet
9. Muddy Creek
10. Poplar Bluff
11. Rusty Gun
12. Sally Coming Through the Rye
13. Tennessee Mountain Fox Chase
14. Wolves a’ Howlin’

£12 inc. P&P worldwide